david prown 120I bet the film "Room" has been playing down at the priceless Asbury Park theatre "The Showroom" for 5 to 6 weeks. I really wanted to see it from the first preview I saw and as it kept playing at The Showroom for so many weeks (in Movie time) I knew it had to be special. Despite getting some nice year end nominations and awards, it was sort of like driving with the low on gas light on. I knew I was really pushing it if I didn't remedy the situation soon (hint, hint folks). So I did and boy was I happy.

I really don't want to talk much about the movie itself because it has a very narrow scope and the previews give you a very good idea of what it is about. However it is one extraordinary script & acting "Oh My". Brie Larson (Ma) and Jacob Tremblay (Jack) so quickly transform you from thinking to you are watching a movie to thinking a watching a true documentary.

You could see and feel the movie 100% thru the eyes of Jack and watching his innocence combined with his quick smart mind at times battle each other was exceptional. No clues how Mr. Tremblay really is, but playing a five year old, he did an exceptional job, EXCEPTIONAL.

This film reminded me a bit of "Boyhood" from last year due to its novel, unique, special story that is quite unforgettable. No doubt, I will flash to this movie several times in my over the next few weeks as I see a heroic "All In" Mom or precocious yet innocent child thoroughly enjoying the world of make believe and the reality of new things.

I will leave it there…GO SEE TODAY. Really good stuff. Near 2 hour movie fly!