david prown 120Neither Cate Blanchett nor Rooney Mara are A list actresses in terms of instant box office draw, but dang are they talented (and the Academy has noticed).

Always enjoy movies starring real talent and as co-stars in the new movie "Carol" I was generally interested in seeing. I think this film was set in NYC area in 50's and is about a genuine romantic relationship between Blanchett (Carol Aird) and Rooney (Therese Belivet). 

Imagine the recent terrific simply romance movie "Brooklyn" but slow down the romance angle even more, add in the lesbian angle in a non-tolerant world, add in a young child, add in 2 characters that are both a little dark/sad and you have a particularly slow evolving story.

Elegant actresses, gently pacing sound track this love story made from a 50's novel is not for everybody. The little gestures and nuances in this movie, and specifically their mutual courting, that leads down somewhat risky life paths (in terms of career/work for one and family - marriage/child) for the other). Add in the seemingly 10-15 years difference in age makes the story line a more complicated.

Unlike Brooklyn whom you were definitely rooting for the inevitable outcome, I think different members of this films audience could be rooting for a several different characters and/or outcomes.

This is a pretty focused and gently intense film…could have a tough word of mouth pass along. But I do expect some pretty good Hollywood love for both this film and the actresses at awards time.