david prown 120There are definitely many times over the course of the year that I wish either my work; my travels; or my home was located closer to the eclectic SHOWROOM movie theater in Asbury Park New Jersey. This privately owned, independent movie house with three theaters of different sizes(like 15, 30 and 50 seats) is a magical film watching venue.  Then add in the quality and uniqueness of the films they bring and you could literally make it your sole movie venue and be mega enriched.

Recently, had the opportunity to go see "Peggy Guggenheim - An Art Addict". I am not an art guy AT ALL.  Just ask my Dad who created the course of study "American Art History" at Yale (the 1st time this major was a college major anywhere).  Dad taught British and American Art History at Yale for 48 years (Though now retired, he still goes to office at Yale most days, still writes books, lectures and more).

All my siblings (2 brothers and 2 sisters) really liked art and all the art museums we went to (yes I was the black sheep) and the 4 of them have incorporated "arts" very much in their lives/careers today.  Art/Art history had zero interest to me unfortunately.

The Guggenheim name is world famous with her uncles world renown spiral shaped NYC museum or her Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice.  This most eclectic and somewhat complicated lady had a wonderful vision of art at a young age. Having the resources, she became a legendary buyer and collector or art.  Her aggressive buying of art in Europe in the Pre-WW II was virtually unheard of and way ahead of her time (plus her protecting of it and transporting to safe havens was historical)

Watching this story unfold on an independent, well to do, seemingly almost regular woman (at least visually) on her lifelong journey of collecting, supporting, showing, preserving and promoting art is a historical moment.

This documentary details her various eras "collecting" initially in the US, then in Europe, then back to the US (NYC) and then back to Europe.

My uber Bad in not writing this review 2 weeks ago when I saw it as it is no longer in Asbury (not sure where playing locally).  Definitely worth tracking down this documentary on another big screen, streaming, netflix other.