david prown 120I had been seeing the previews for the movie "Spotlight" running in theaters for a while.  Based on the true story and with a terrific cast, I was extremely excited to see this film.  It just had to be good.

Of course I went opening day and I wasn't disappointed at all. Though I was very tired and my eyelids were closing, I kept staying awake because the entire film were riveting.

Set in passionate Boston with their heavy Catholic population, the Church is extremely cherished, honored and we learn too, protected.

The internationally recognized Boston Globe newspaper paper has a legendary investigate reporting division called "Spotlight" (hence the movie's name). This film does a fantastic job highlighting professional, diligent, credible investigation and reporting they did (say compared to the recent film "Truth" where 60 Minutes rammed a major story together in just a few days vs. this story which took months).

The rumors had been present in Boston for a long time but essentially buried by all parties by either the fear or respect of the church.  The Globe decided to look much deeper into the allegations of disgraced priest John Geoghan and the accusations his molesting over 80 boys.

This crackajack investigative team including (Mark Rufalo, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton and Brian d'Arcy James) and their bosses John Slattery and Live Schreiber are remarkably focused and diligent in their gathering of evidence, quotes etc.

The Spotlight division began their focus in 2001 and zips along till 9/11 hit (as that city has its own relation to that days tragic events). After a 6 week hiatus, the team hits the ground running again the story and the numbers (villains and victims) just keeps growing substantially.

Cast also includes Stanley Tucci, Len Cariou, Billy Crudup and Jamey Sheridan and folks this is one "tight" piece of movie making based on a true story.

There are a ton of good movies out on the big screen at the moment. "Spotlight" is the winner to see.  Stay for the credits which shares the lists of cities domestically and internationally have documented Clergy abuse.  It is a SHOCKINGLY LONG LIST.