david prown 120I cannot express how much of a sports junkie I was, growing up. I read every sports newspaper, every sports magazine, watched any all sports related TV programs and more.  I know so much sports trivia from the 60's and 70's it is almost a little sad.

So I heard about this new movie called "My All American" I was interested due to my interest in sports. When I heard it was about University of Texas defensive safety, Freddy Steinmark (who played in the late 60's) I was super interested (as I remembered all the big time players names..Street, Wooster, Bertelsen, Koy, Speyrer @ more)

But this was 1969 and I was 10 years old and I was probably the only person growing up in the northeast and knew who Freddy Steinmark. His story was heroic and very shocking at that time because he was such a strong successful college athlete at a major college. He was definitely not on the national radar and probably never would have made the NFL but at UT..he was terrific.

This movie was not unlike a TV movie of a similar theme a few years later that took the nation by storm. I would say the only quality difference between this movie and that movie was as good as the music was in this one, music in the other movie was unforgettable. So much so that if anybody baby boomer heard that theme song today would vividly remember the movie and its story.

No major actors in this film and probably what makes this tight, engaging movie enjoyable. Boy did I bring back memories for me of an incredible monster college football game called "The Game of the Century" between Texas and Arkansas and was such a big game that President Nixon flew in. The whole nation watched this game and it was decided by 1 point.

This movie was rated PG and is one of those great Disney-esque, based on a true story, warm, emotional and inspiring films.  It was a story that deserved to be told and I loved it.

As a kick, before I posted this review, I checked out rottentomatoes.com to see what the masses thought of this film.  Critics only 33%, the audience 83%!  Thank is great - well done audience I CONCUR.