Like most baby boomers, James Bond films have been part of our lives for a real long time. These
movies were never deep nor provocative. At the end of the day, they were just enjoyable
mindless entertainment bearable. However, a unique villain (Odd Job) or memorable tune
"Live and Let Die" or an unforgettable lead in action scene (African blood diamond
fight high up in the scaffolding) in Casino Royale (with Daniel Craig) has made certain Bond
flicks pretty unforgettable.

I will be the 1st to say that the Daniel Craig has been my favorite as he smiles less, more
complicated and is a a heck of an action hero. So no doubt, I was amped up for his
4th (and I believe last) Bond film "Spectre).

I have always enjoyed the "opening Bond scenes" which have traditionally been legendary
and then go into the introductory credits, the trademark Bond song and a special song
made for the film (which generally become big hits).
david prown 120Well the film unfolded and what struck me was the drabness in color of the film. Well was it the film itself or the quality of the print…I will never know. But the "muted" effect was noticeable and set me back. Then the action scene was okay, and just okay. Started off great with the battle on the ground but the brawl in the copter was boring.

Then came the pre credits and the movies trademark Bond theme song which was cut short and led into the highly coveted, song made for this film. It is a Sam Smith song that was slow, dark and unengaging. By itself, I'm sure it is a fine song but here it has "ZERO POP".

A real rocky start yet I remained hopeful. Okay, well the trademark Bond scene is his time with weaponry wizard "Q"…some of the coolest gadgets ever. Here, "Q" was a kid and the gadgets were uber-lame.

Then the trademark early scene with boss "M". Sorry, I love Ralph Fiennes, but after Judi Dench, he doesn't hold a candle to this lady icon.

OK, I'm not giving up yet, give me a great villain like "Jaws" or "Scaramanga" (love saying that name over and over) or "Odd Job" or "Goldfinger". Okay here it comes …wait for it.. wait for it….and wait for it we did. "Oberhauser" didn't show up until an hour into the film ..crazy..then disappeared for a while and then finished pretty strong.

Folks, I love "Christoph Waltz" as a terrific film "bad guy". But here because we meet him so late and the side story of his familial relationship to James just dampens the whole effect.

Enough said, this Bond film didn't work at all. It will do "okay" in the box office but to deep and not enough tricks/fights/personality to bring repeat film visitors. I'm sure it will do fine…but just fine. This Bond flick has no magic. No recommendation here.

PS. The lady in this film appears to be only 1/2 his age and didn't work for me. Yes pretty but forgettable.