david prown 120Seems more and more common that movies being made today are based on true stories. Sometimes the stories most people know about; sometimes we somewhat know of the story and the best is generally when it is a true story nobody knows about.

I was shocked to learn that this Chilean mining accident took place only 5 years ago (2010). Seems so much longer ago and sadly I'm having trouble recalling many details of the event. Yet, I'm also recalling lots of news coverage and international excitement over the drama of the rescue and the subsequent celebration.

So I'm was happy to see this film and to re-educated on this pretty historical event. 33 Miners get who get trapped 100's and 100's of feet down in a desperate situation of limited food, no medical, no communication, inter-personal strains and more.

We get to watch the drama play out below ground, with the rescue team and among the loved ones who have built a little city living 24/7 at the accident site.

Sixty Nine days under ground…69 days! Remarkable despite the audience knowing the outcome. The directors of the film takes us into the world of the 3 camps (if you will), and you feel engaged in each.

Yes, I knew the outcome…but I didn't know all the details of the journey. I'm happy that this story was told and brought to the big screen as it is simply a real life miracle.

Enjoyable seeing likable actors Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche,  Lou Diamond Phillips and Gabriel Byrne in this film.

Entertaining for sure.