david prown 120So she may not be a major box office draw, but "CATE BLANCHETT" is as fine an actor in the world today.  Now add in that her new film "Truth" also includes "Robert Redford, Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace and this is an automatic "go see".

Blanchett plays real life 60 Minutes (a show I have been watching my whole life) producer Mary Mapes who was "hotter than hot" as she just broke the Abu Ghraib prison torture story (American soldiers torturing Iraqi captives.  This was a monster news story especially the accompanying photos.

The newest Mapes story focused on rumors of "special treatment" for President George W. Bush in the early 70's when he was with the Texas Air National Guard.

For assorted reasons (including not wanting to get trumped by other network news departments), Mapes was given (and accepted) the task to assemble the story in only 5 days (for the subsequent Sunday night 60 minutes show).  This is a an incredulous short time line to put together all aspects (including fact and background checking) of such a national story.

She accepted the challenge and her compatriot and long time friend, the iconic news anchor Dan Rather green lighted the project also.

Movie zips along as you watch Mapes and her staff put together the story using some shaky evidence, testimonial and some real facts documentation.  But they are clearly professional and passionate about the story.

As an active citizen, I remember this story somewhat but also recall all the back and forth accusations of lying by the 2 political parties.  Like many citizens, I just probably tuned it out as the endless back and forth gets tiring.

Please know, this movie IS NOT tiring.  Zips along and enjoyable to watch.  Sure makes you think.