david prown 120It always amazing to me when I see Tom Hanks on the big screen and recall that he burst upon the American scene in 1980's dressed as a woman in the TV comedy "Bosom Buddies."

Fast forward to today, and he is a major, major star A-lister that can easily carry a film and is very selective in his movie choices. What a Journey!

So any time Hanks has a film coming out, most movie buffs mark it on their calendar as a must. Then you add in that the film is directly by the iconic Steven Spielberg, you knew the film had to be top shelf.

I had no idea of this story (except I knew of U-2 pilot Gary Powers in history). Hard to explain how clean and tight a movie this is…just so well crafted, scripted and presented.

Visually, the screen image is so crisp like an uber Hi-Def look which is really engaging. Simply the thought of an insurance lawyer can become one of the most important, under the radar heroes, hostage negotiators in US history is captivating.

In this film, he works his magic in the old Soviet Union which is a bloody miracle and subsequently in Cuba.

Hanks paints a picture of a very professional, driven, eye on the prize lawyer who fully understands the law, his job and the right thing to do.

Again, this is such a well made film…just need to see if you respect terrific movie making and US history. I sense it won't be a huge box office success except for my generation and older. I really enjoyed it.