david prown 120Johnny Depp's new film "Black Mass", where he plays true life Boston/Irish thug mobster James "Whitey" Bulger, is terrific. Depp and the rest of the actors are cast perfectly.

The make up, the faces of everybody screams "thug/mobster" and is just so engaging (especially Depp and Jesse Plemons who plays a loyal body guard…what a face!!)

Traces the journey of Bulger from his post his 9 year prison stretch in Leavenworth and Alcarez where he comes home to South Boston where he is a loved "Southi". Mom, neighbors and others see this saint of a man who could disarm you with words and kill you in the next instant. He quickly founded and became the head of Boston's notorious Winter Hill gang.

What is fascinating in this true story is that his brother is a highly respected politician (and subsequent president of the U. of Massachusetts). Also watching the "triggers" the death of his only son (age 6) and his Mom further set off this utter monster of a man.

Depp grows from a local gangster and feeds the FBI and his childhood friend agent John Connelly assorted intel to keep the pressure off of him and on the local Mafia. In short, his "reach" extends to Florida and other parts of the country.

Every person in the drama crosses line or looks the other way or is looking out for themselves.

It is the quintessential mob like, thug, shake down, killing, $ making film. Excellent casting and knowing the it was based on a true story really engaged the audience.

Plenty of violence a la "Good Fellas" yet a most enjoyable movie.