david prown 120I adore watching greatness. I mean historic, all time greatness whose talents & heroics transcend generations. Whether sports, the arts I am "all in" to watch and revere greatness. And to me greatness involves performance at the highest level for many, many years (not just one year wonders)

So in sports (during my era) I count Larry, Magic, Michael, Messi, Serena, Wayne Gretsky and more. It is "so hard" to stay on top (ask Tiger) as the expectation are so high and easy to fall.

In the arts, folks like Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Russell Crowe, Daniel Day Lewis and more. NO DOUBT, Sir Ben Kingsley is an uber all time great and knowing his long promoted new film "Learning To Drive" was starting this weekend (co-starring a very well cast Patricia Clarks) this was a must see film.

The premise was so basic, sort of predictable yet remarkably engaging. Watching the simplicity of the story line interspersed with cultural differences, the woes of immigrants, family drama is all tied together in brilliant, tight, special 90 minute film.

When I arrived at Red Bank's Clearview theatre on opening day many other folks anticipated such a magical film as the 2:30 show was 80% sold out.

Folks, special,special, special…nearly a perfect movie. Go treat yourself. Since his casting as "Ghandi" in 1982, Ben Kingsley has been an iconic screen presence so treat yourself and observe acting talent at the highest level.