david prown 120Although he is extremely young, I generally find Jesse Eisenberg a most interesting movie talent. He is not some uber, A-List talent rather an interesting innocence that he generally brings.  In this film he plays true life Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky who convinces his editor to let him go on a 5-day book with the young, soaring novelist David Forster Wallace (played by Jason Segel).

Essentially we have a young writer (and aspiring novelist/writer) interesting a fellow young writer that has happened to hit the big time.  Clearly there is lots of lighting jabbing back and forth as they get to know/trust each other.  For this 5 day trip, they were with each other nearly 24/7 in fact staying over at Segel's home twice.

Is Segel really untrusting and cautious as he opens up to the writer ever so slowly.  Meanwhile, you almost wonder if Eisenberg has a bit of jealously that is was Segel, who is near his age, struck writers gold.

Lots of deep, probing, testing questions and conversations between the 2 of them that I think works better on stage vs. a big screen.  Hence, I found the movie a bit boring.  The script was interesting along with the verbal jousting on film it just didn't grab me.

I also thought the introduction early in their relationship of crazy endless smoking of cigarettes. Though it may be true, I found it distracting.  The heavy smoking was at the beginning of this fill was distracting.  The middle of the film showed minimal smoking and they the end revved up the cancer sticks again

To me when there's two lead actors exchanging hard words, hard lines, long soliloquies as well  as passionate back and forth confirmations, the big screen is not the place.  Though well done,  this movie lacks the "it factor" to drawer many fans.   It is, I think this movie won't have much legs  in the way of box office success. Maybe there is some critical success in there. I kept waiting for  a moment and it just never came.