david prown 120There were a couple of seemingly interesting movies that came out over the weekend.  Could only see one and had to take a sneak look at some of the ratings/metrics on line.

Clearly "Mr. Holmes" had sizable likability lead over "Southpaw" (which I really wanted to see) and "Paper Towns".

I saw the previews for "Mr. Holmes" a number of times and really didn't grab me as I'm not a Sherlock Holmes guy. Yet teh engaging, captivating face filled with endless wrinkles of Sir Ian McKellen tells a great story (a la JK Simmons in "Whiplash".

Holmes is very old in this film and lives in the country in retirement being cared for housekeeper/nurse/cook everything Mrs. Munro played by the terrific "Laura Linney" and her son Roger.  Roger, under age 10, is highly inquisitive in life and fascinated by the investigative gifts of Mr. Holmes.

Mr. Holmes'a memory is failing him and he is well aware of it. With his lifes' finish line in sight, he is desperate to remember the details of his last case some 20-30 years ago.  He needs to close that case by simply remembering the details of the case. With sidekick Roger ably helping him, they quest to unearth details and results of the long past dormant case.

So yes the film goes back and forth in time and yes a bit (not much) confusing.  And maybe the story of the film isn't so compelling.  Rather we get to watch an iconic actor, yes iconic, own the screen yet very willingly share the screen enthusiastically with Roger.  Yes they uncover details, but we learn much more about their relationship, their care for each other and the importance of each in each others lives.

The role of bees & bee tending is a wonderful thread through this beautifully filmed movie.  I have no idea how old Mr. McKellen is, looks like 90 in this flick, and you owe yourself a movie trip to see this special actor.  He is a gem!