david prown 120Like most, I was way Into music in my teens and twenties. And then the notion of going to concerts, buying/listing to music slipped away unfortunately. I've been barely in touch with the contemporary music scene the last 20 years, but no doubt I had heard the name Amy Winehouse.

I'll be the first to admit I didn't know her music (or I thought I didn't) and knew of her solely thru the media and her often negative portrayals.

With that, hearing their was a movie (really a documentary) about her out on the big screen, I was most interested to go view and learn.

Seeing "Amy" was playing in a multiplex theatre, I assumed it was a movie/portrayal. Folks, it was a clear cut documentary with excellent footage and editing. I thought the story of her journey did a terrific job showcasing her brilliant musical talent, her influences (life), her demons, her life etc.

We got to hear so many of her songs (I loved how ran the words of the songs on the screen). The songs were presented in the documentary in the timeline of her life and explained the genesis of the words.

Whether you like her style, voice etc or not, watching this unique old soul artist create and perform her unique jazz vocal style a la legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughhn, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and more. She had such reference in these artists and treasured their immense talent.

No doubt the film shows candidly her first hand and long time struggles with drugs, alcohol, self esteem as well as the people in her life that shape her more negative path. The portrayal of her Dad who left her home early in her life, remains a very strong influence and he really does her a disservice. But her blind love for her Dad trumps the "un-Dad like" path he steers her onl.

I gained an immense appreciation for her musical brilliance and clearly showcases another amazing artist whose life is snuffed out at a remarkably young age.

A most enjoyable documentary and insightful…go see for sure.