david prown 120Interesting new film pickins' have been real slim of late. Was all set to see "Aloha" when allergies/pollen simply laid me out. With this delay Iinadvertently starting hearing/seeing (without trying) reviews about the strong cast/director picture yet the film was "ugly"

So was looking forward to the indy-ish film "I'll See You In My Dreams" starring the always under the radar "Blythe Danner" who often plays the role of a calm, quiet/gentle Mom/Mother. But she has killer blue eyes that dance on the big screen. I'm not sure she's ever gotten singular, top billing in a prominent film yet deserves it. As she doesn't grace the big screen too often and she deserves our undivided attention.

This films "disappoints" but "is not" disappointing. Really tugs at some emotional themes while intersecting with some awesome "golden girls" like comedy.

Seriously, comedic jousting and talking between best friends (senior and single) Danner, June Squibb (of Nebraska fame), Rhea Perlman (Cheers) and Mary Kay Place (lots) is a home run. I, and I'm sure many others were desperate for more screen time for this Quad Squad…they were magical. This film wanted to explore deeper themes for Danner which were important, just not nearly as warm and fuzzy.

The first 10 minutes a wonderfully poignant and accurate portrayal of her main friendship with her dog Hazel and the dogs subsequent euthanized death (been their 4 times and captured very well) set forth several new paths.

Closer relationship with her friends; sort of an odd lightly flirtatious relationship with "the dorky pool boy"; closer bonding with her core 4 friends; exploring her 1st serious relationship since her husbands passing 20 years prior (with the hunky Sam Elliot) takes quite a twist; and a connecting with her only relative, daughter all play major themes in this film.

I like the shortness of the film (90 minutes) but in some parts it drags. Still this was a very fine film with emotional highs and lows and no doubt, that light banter between the friends stole the film and easily was worth the price of admission.