david prown 120I had some sort of sense of Pitch Perfect, the original. Thought it was some goofy high school comedy starring this fat girl. Didn't interest me at all (but did hear it did very well in the box office).

Fast forward to today and saw that Pitch Perfect 2 came out a week or 2 ago and barely caught my interest. I heard it had a terrific opening weekend and thought "Hmmm". Then I heard it was about "singing…..really good singing" a cappella style and I saw "Whoa" now I'm interested.

I always watched "Glee" and fast forwarded thru the generally uninteresting side stories….but loved the singing numbers (and some dance). Always watched American Idol in the first few years and do enjoy The Voice.

Why Pitch Perfect 2 is marketed as some sophomoric comedy starring some fat white girl and oh yeah, some singing is beyond me.

Folks, this is a movie all about singing. The side stories are minor and ridiculously clean like nearly G rated (rated PG-13 overall). We are talking a "very clean" movie in the area of sex, bad language, drugs, alcohol etc.

Just lots of singing and lots of very good singing. I really enjoyed this entertaining movie event which featured many talented young performers. I'll be 1st to admit I was blown away by the pipes of Anna Kendrick (who burst on the major scene opposite George Clooney) and Hailee Steinfield (from True Grit fame). There quite a number of terrific singers throughout most scenes (and in many different singing styles).

It hooked me. I've haven't ever streamed a movie, subscribed to Netflix. Nor have I watched a Movie at home on TV or DVD in a dozen years. However, it the original Pitch Perfect came in front of me, I would stop and watch it as I "heard since" that the singing is even better in the original.

I was very pleasantly entertained.