david prown 120The new film "Far From The Madding Crowd" based on the novel by Thomas Hardy was not high on my "must see" list. I'm not a big fan of English period pieces nor romances from the era. The movie look pretty straightforward starring the feisty and enjoyable to look at Carey Mulligan. She goes from lay farm worker to an heiress of a massive estate. With that comes her three seemingly first romantic escapades that that all involve offers of marriage.

The first 30 minutes were most enjoyable as she plays the role the spunky mistress of this huge estate who works side by side with her workers herself. This is very rare to have a female run an estate plus get in the trenches with the workers which generally earns their respect.

The movie then proceeds to follow your romantic journeys with 3 male admirers. I believe the entire audience was rooting for one specific pairing and you'll have to see the flick to see the outcome.

To me, the film is 20-30 minutes to long…too draggy but I suspect that is way such stories in this era were written. Was a very visually attractive film to watch with excellent supporting music/soundtrack. I enjoyed but not much take away.