david prown 120There was not much advanced hype about the newest Russell Crowe film called "The Water Diviner". However, any Russell Crowe film (a true A-lister) gets my undivided and learning it was only 2 hours long (actually just under) I was extra interested to see this film.

Story of an Australian farmer (and water diviner) who loses his 3 sons in war (WWI in the Battle of Gallipoli) as part of the Australian/New Zealand Army Corps. No clues on the accuracy of of this fighting force, why fighting in Turkey 1000 miles from home... I just went along for the ride. Per the story, all 3 boys, in the same regimein died fighting side by side at virtually the same moment.

After 4 years of mourning, Crowe's wife (the boys Mom) takes her own life. One of her last conversations with Crowe reiterated her plea to have her boys come home (for proper burial)

So he journey to Turkey for a seemingly impossible task of locating his boys/their remains in war torn mass burial ruins/fields etc. A long, draw out process as post war treaties, rules, governance, distrust etc. remain.

But we follow his journey and the story moves right along and most enjoyable. The slowly unraveling side romantic story with the war widowed innkeeper in Turkey works and is very tasteful and engaging.

This movie is simply a story...a very good story and I'm thrilled  I saw this film. All-time great movie, no. Very good film - yes  courtesy of a fine script and the iconic Mr. Crowe