david prown 120So I hadn't been to the movies in several weeks found a time slot and "While We're Young" filled the slot. I was not excited to see this Ben Stiller/Naomi Watts film about a childless, happy married couple struggling with changes in their lives. They still enjoyed the generally free spirit life as all their friends were locked and loaded in the world of kids. As a result, they fall into a new friend circle with a fellow, childless couple that happens to be 20 years younger.

Such a theme did not inspire me at all and I'm sure will be sputter big time at the box office. Ben Stiller is in endless movies all which rarely work for me. Naomi Watts is a monster talent and seeing her is such a lame role seemed really odd.

Anyway headed to the Bow Tie in Red Bank, bought my ticket and engaged in conversation with the Manager about this film. She candidly shared that it was receiving very mixed results and in fact some folk had walked out. I knew I was in trouble when I was read the big marketing piece touting this film as a "Brilliant Comedy".

I figured it was the only movie I could see, it was $6 Tuesday and if I fell asleep that would be fine with me….except I couldn't fall asleep. Maybe it was wishful thinking thinking Ms. Watts could bring some magic to the film….not. Add in an incredibly aged Charles Grodin as her Dad and Stiller's nemesis of sorts and I simply cannot explain how
bad this script was and how predictable.

Of course the new found friendship with the 20 year younger couple was going to have a short life. Of course there was going to be an attempted reconciliation with their contemporary friends. And the whole movie was wrapped around the notion, and this couples struggle, with bring children into their lives.

A waste of a film.