david prown 120It had all the themes I adore in films: things like ethnicity, a killer mature actress cast, warmth, fun interplay and a spice of youth. I heard lots of good things about this movie…my loss.

I was very pleased to learn about the release of "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" with lots of the same cast as the orginal, including the iconic Judi Dench (folks I would watch her brush her teeth).  She "owns" every moment that she is on the screen in all her films over the last decade and more.

The film also included other highly respected mature actors like Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton and more.

I loved the 1st 2O minutes or so which focused an a business trip to the US to find financial backing for "the 2nd…" with brilliant interplay between the wonderfully dour Maggie Smith and vibrant, engaging hotel proprietor Dev Patel. His "riffs" are so special and entertaining.

After that, this film seriously TANKS. I was shocked at the downturn. Way too many side stories, the addition of male eye candy Richard Gere and just a lot of yuck!

The story got away from showcasing the brilliant music, culture and colors of India. And if you have Juli Dench and Maggie Smith on your roster, you focus on them endlessly.

This is my kind of movie.  I can't express how disappointed I was.  It wasn't bad, it just very, very forgettable.