david prown 120There are movies; there are films and there are epics. Today I say an uber-epic.

I have just returned from seeing "An American Sniper".  I must say I was very surprised by all the buzz among friends about this movie.  It was more than usual and not surprisingly, the show I saw was sold out (I did not go see the I-Max version). Though packed in, sitting center, 8 rows up in those spacious, reclining seats at Monmouth Mall and exceedingly comfortable.

A little over 2 hours long, this Clint Eastwood directed movie is a remarkable epic on many levels. This movie grabs the audience within seconds and keeps them riveted and totally engaged to the last moment/credit.

Based on the true story of maybe America's greatest sniper, combined with the events in the world today, the events in Irag ingrained in our minds, his soldier mentality and his love for his family causes great "pulling" in many directions.

I'm not a follower of post season movie awards, I just don't see how this can't be The Best Movie (though I loved Boyhood). It is true and it played out in our lifetime. The reality of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, though not named in the movie, was very very profound in this epic.

Folks you just want to see this film before you hear anything else about it. Don't read any reviews, don't read up on the subject..just go and go soon. Remarkable story.