david prown 120The other day I was scanning moviefone.com to get a sense of new releases for this weekend. Never heard of Chris Rock's "Top Five" and tried to get a rating percentage of critic and audience likes. Now, couple days later, I have no recollection of the numbers except remember it was an excellent 80% like rating.  Wasn't sure if it was a comedy or what, but the time slot worked for me  and so I went.

Soon into the movie, I saw that very elegant Rosario Dawson had a near lead role in this film I would like" Wow, alright". Now lets fast forward to the end of this useless movie.  What is so funny was the premise of this movie was that the lead character "Andre Allen" (Chris Rock) was comedic actor trying to break type cast comedic role for a more serious role.  Uh, wasn't he trying to do the same "in real life" in making this film?

I really love Chris Rock and I've also spoke my piece about my shining towards Miss Dawson (who plays multiple byline writer for the NY Times doing a story on Mr. Allen).

So in the movie, his "serious' new film about a Haitian rebellion against slavery is a box office dud.  I can't for the life of me see what fans/critics alike saw in this film (which had a good rap sound track).  This movie has be a box office dud. Boy was I disappointed.