david prown 120There has been a real dearth of new movies since Thanksgiving. Couple came out today that looked at least of interest. I had seen a number of previews for the movie "Wild" starring Reese Witherspoon. This young lady has come a long way from her stereotyped "Legally Blond Days". Her transformation to June Carter (Cash) in "Walk The Line", then a lead role in "Water For Elephants" definitely raised eyebrows to her acting chops. More recently she was the Producer of the huge, current box office it "Gone Girl".

Now if you look at the previews for "Wild", you think, okay, this is a story of a young lady with multitude of drug, sex, abuse, marital issues triggered by the young death of her Mom. Something inspires her to cleanse herself via a solo, 1,000 mile trek on the Pacific Coast Trail. I'll be the first to say I was "not" jonesing to go to this film. But my gut told me it was good, Ms Witherspoon has has an interesting face and it fit my time slot. So yes this was exactly what the movie was about and it was "move better" than I expected.

This film had some very gentle tension that worked fabulously. Witherspoon kills this role and dominates every scene. Beautifully filmed with settings and landscapes combined with tight close ups of Witherspoon struggling with a zillion little things on her journey. I suspect there was an excellent soundtrack too but I just don't recall. Playing the role of "Cheryl Strayed" and this true memoir/experience, Witherspoon easily may have acted her way into a post season award nomination.

Laura Dern excellently plays her struggling Mom who always see the glass "half full" and life's goal is to teach and love her 2 children. This is such a well made film. I loved looking thru Witherspoon's eyes at the next danger, animal, weather change, obstacle around the corner. Utterly remarkable that anyone could do this journey, let alone…alone (90+ days).

A terrific film in its simplicity of focus on the lead, her journey, her life and her fulfillment. So you may know the entire story…doesn't matter… the specialness of the film is the enjoyment. Go see this film and this acting performance.