david prown 120I think the movie "Gone Girl" has been out for at least 3 weeks and I did everything I could to stay away from hearing the storyline outside of the previews. I was successful and simply I was struggling to find a time slot to fit in this 2 1/2 hour movie. Must say, I did have some concerns about the length of the movie but I knew this movie was doing very well in the box office, so it must be good.

Well it was much better than expected. This dark, tight, tightly woven story, which was a best selling book, has been fabulously captured on the big screen.

What was also fun was that the previews simply shared the tip of the iceberg of this clever and engaging story that had some really fun twists and turns. A "who dunnit" or moreso "who did what" really works in this must see movie.

Previews hint towards the saga of husband Nick Dunne's (Ben Affleck) search for his wife Amy Dunne "The Amazing Amy" (Rosamund Pike) on their 5th anniversary. Their happy married life had quickly crumbled and hence you become conflicted in both sympathies and guessing which path(s) this story would follow. The previews and the movie follows the journey of "Did Nick Dunne kill his wife"...go see and find out.

Plenty of other familiar faces in this film like Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry (who is terrific as Dunne's nationally recognized lawyer). But also Carrie Coon plays a most interesting role as Affleck's twin sister.

Really good stuff