david prown 120Recently a good friend shared that she was very amped up to see the new movie "The Skeleton Twins" playing at the Bow Tie in Red Bank. She is a big time and long time Saturday Night Live (SNL) fan and the leads in this film, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are SNL alums.

My gut told me that this wasn't going to be a straight comedy as that is not the type of movie the Bow Tie brings in. I was correct and this was a pretty serious movie about twin brother and sister both whom had complicated upbringings and hence life has been a very tough journey for them.

As the movie starts our, they are both on the cusp of suicide, while living on opposite coasts and having not talked in 10 years. This event led to them reconnecting and the unveiling of their owns stories.

As a parent of twins, I have seen first hand the amazing, private connection that twins have in words, body language, gestures and more. Twins are ridiculously tight and even the disconnect of 10 years is barely a blip in the road as they can just pick right up.

There own difficult upbringing caused them to be there for each other in a very deep way and essentially they raised each other emotionally (and as we learn still do today and need to in the future for any hope)

Yes there are some funny, more like quirky moments in this film. Yet moreso it dealt with some pretty serious issues that are raised, treated and shared in a most sensitive way.

I really liked this movie because of the script. The two leads carry the film beautifully and so effortlessly thru magical life of being a twin. They are supported in the film by sort of "out there" Mom, "Joanna Gleason" and Maggie's (Wiig) most kind, loving and concerned husband played by "Luke Wilson".

No doubt, this tells a story of pretty dysfunctional family and issues of suicide, infidelity, mental health, molestation, compulsive lying and more which traverse this film. I suspect at least one issue will connect with each audience member which reels us in.

Tough movie to recommend due to the hard themes. But shared on the screen in a most sensitive and real way that makes this movie really  connect with the viewer during the movie and after the lights go up.