david prown 120I love movies based on true stories that I know very little about. "Pride", is playing at the Bow Knot Theatre in Red Bank. What a magnificent story about the pairing of 2 near polar opposite groups.

It is the mid 80's and the United Kingdom is in the midst of a crippling, long, nation wide coal miner strike. The tough as nails Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, is hell bent on quashing the miners by bringing in scabs, foreigners etc. to mine the this critical economic component.

At about the same time, really just before the onset of the AIDS crisis, the small yet passionate Gay & Lesbian community in England is trying to find its legs, and too, like the miners are being abused in their own ways.

The G/L group, which led my the youthful Mark who has the strategic mind and vision of a seasoned CEO. Fascinating what him develop strategic planning and implement.

Both the striking coal miners and the G/L communities were feeling very much alone on their own islands with little media, political nor common man support. How these groups come together in a very slow, cautious, suspect way almost like two boxers eyeing and circling their opponent in the first round is brilliantly showcased. 

Folks this is a tremendously enjoyable filmed highlighted by an "perfect cast". You then ask, like who? A tremendous talent of below the radar actors that maybe you'd recognize but just can't place in some monster role.

You have got to see this movie and the soundtrack and few slices of dancing just pull it all together beautifully.

My only negative, maybe 15 minutes to long (at 2 hours), but this is a most enjoyable picture and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.