david prown 120I saw the new movie, "Lucy" the other day starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman and this movie is going to do well in the box office. Not much competition, two excellent lead actors and a really unique story theme all in a tight 88-minute package.

Lucy, living a sort of bohemian NYC existence, is tricked by her loser boyfriend and put in the middle of international drug ring handling an uber - powerful drug.

Inadvertently, a large quantity of this drug gets into her blood stream which quickly causes an intense utilization of her brains capacity to reach 100 percent within 24 hours. This speeds up the movie and within short she's communicating with a reknown brain specialst, played by the iconic Morgan Freeman.

Traditionally, per the movie, a human uses 20% of his/her brain so watching the movie and specifically evolve as that percentage soars past that number towards maximum is quite engaging.

Obviously, Lucy has to cross to the dark side as the "ruthless Asian bad guys" will stop at nothing to get the remaining amount of the drug plus kill her.  Her highly developed brains allows her to fight back and kill in many futuristic ways.

Just really good stuff and pleased they don't make up Miss Johansson to be some piece of eye candy to draw in more movie viewers. This movie really works and the audience liked it plenty.

Definitely, see it on the big screen.