david prown 120It's amazing to me how lame the movie selection was this week. I'm not even sure if there was anything new out...amazing.

Have you noticed how I'm talking less and less about falling asleep while watching a movie? Surprisingly the secret lies in that I'm going to more and more movies at the Monmouth Mall with the new reclining seats. Common sense would think that reclining seats would create an atmosphere even moreso conducive for sleeping. But for me, for some reason, the more I recline the seat back and the legs up, the more wide awake I become… don't ask.

So today went to see the Melissa McCarthy comedy "Tammy" which I pretty much had it a good idea what would be like. Between her last few physical comedy movies and the tell-all preview, I had a pretty good idea of what I'd be seeing… I was okay with that as I know I'd definitely be laughing a bit.

Predictable, pretty funny but also a number of dry segments. With a cast of co star Susan Sarandon along with much smaller parts by Kathy Bates, Dan Aykroyd, Gale Cole, Allison Janney, Sandra Oh, Toni Collette the movie was
2 hours of mindless fund.

Funny in parts and yes sophomoric acts and foul language pervades, but the movie moves along. I don't expect much in the box office because it is story that has been written many times and the quality of the comedy is mediocre. Plus the pairing of Sarandon and McCarthy (as grandmother and granddaughter) was not magical at all (like say Bullock and McCarthy in "The Heat").

But as entertainment, I got my moneys worth and no regrets.