david prown 120I barely remember the 1st movie of this series called "Think Like Men"  starring comedian Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson and others. This sequel called "Think Like Men Too" is just as forgettable as the first.

Set in Las Vegas for a wedding combined with a independent bachelor and bachelorette parties. This attempted comedy/romance is disappointing.

Of course jealousy, old romances, and prior history combined with alcohol, money and good looking people, “We got trouble....right here in River (Sin) City”.

Terrible story, terrible script, not provocative at all.  Just lots of goofy words by lots of good looking people. Somehow, don’t ask me why, it kept my attention and didn’t fall asleep once despite being in the very comfortable new reclining seats at the Monmouth Mall.

Surprisingly rated PG-13 and actually is pretty clean (though not for kids) and entertaining to watch. Yet, this is not a good match.  Let me repeat, entertaining to watch, but not good.

But based on the audience and even my own reaction, I think this movie will do pretty well in the box office and a follow-on movie will be made....don't ask me why.