david prown 120I was utterly desperate for a mindless take-me-away movie tonight. Of course, I also wanted to see a movie that had some pretty good reviews on Moviefone from both critics and viewers alike. Shockingly, from the arts theaters in Red Bank and Asbury to the blockbusters at the mall, 22 Jump Street had the highest overall ratings of both viewers and critics combined.

It fit my time slot and I went. Within 10 minutes I knew I picked the right movie. There was no way I was going to go to sleep through this predicable yet still quite funny and sophomoric film. Plus, I can never get enough of Jonah Hill and the movie was just a nice summer goofball movie. My only criticism was that it was too long by a good 20 minutes.

This buddy movie co-starrring, Tatum Channing, is a real yang pairing that actually works well.

Almost no different from the first film in this series "21 Jump Street" except that one took place at a high school and this one at college. This notion actually sets up the best part of the film, which occurs at the end the movie where they run like 20 very short trailers of future Jump Street theme movies (very clever and includes a special guest).

The casting again of Ice Cube as their Jump Street Captain and straight-laced Nick Offerman as their police captain are hilarious in their interplay with the leads.

No take away from this movie at all except to know you have been mindlessly entertained.