david prown 120As one moves further along in the life, one's degree of spirituality is ever-changing.

Everybody follows their own unique degree and path. I was raised Unitarian so I had a pretty moderate, open minded, flexible framework regarding spirituality. No doubt as my lifes' journey has meandered so has my path.

I saw this preview for "Heaven is for Real" good number of weeks ago and must say it was rather compelling and engaging sit was based on a true story.

I'm sure this movie came out on a holiday week weekend for box office purposes but it really didn't matter to me as I would would have seen this movie no matter what weekend it came out.

The core of the story is that Greg Kinnear is a small town Nebraska pastor whose 4 year old son visits heaven during an emergency, near death surgery. The movie also features recognizable, long time actors Thomas Haden Church and Margo Martindale.

The innocence and candor of Colton (played by 6 year old Connor Corum) is totally engaging on screen. I really like the minimal sensationalism in terms of what Colton saw and shares verses some Hollywood miraculous story. How they got Corum to play and capture Colton is worth price of admission alone. I suspect they related to the screen only what he saw and remembers.

I really wanted to see this true story based on a NY Times best seller and happy I did.  Definitely recommend. Family still lives in Nebraska and Pastor Todd Burpo still preaches.