david_prown_120I'm not a sci-fi guy at all, nor a Star Trek fan from back in the day. But the preview for "Star Trek - Into Darkness" looked interesting and the movie hit the right time slot. I was tired so had a cup of coffee to amp me up...helped for a while.

The first hour was interesting giving some back drop on the characters, who they are and how they got to where they are. I was quite enjoying the movie.

Then when the super-villain arrived, who couldn’t be killed/hurt or even bloodied, I got bored. The entire wrath of the “Starship Enterprise” couldn’t bring down this guy (sort of like Spiderman's nemisis) and was a long series of endless, useless fights (hand to hand and with hi-tech guns). This took the steam right out of the film and put me right to sleep.

I loved the casting as they all really carried themselves and often looked like the characters for the 1960’s TV version.

Sorry folks.