david_prown_120Thought I'd group the reviews for "The Last Quartet" and "The Sessions" in one column as they are both playing currently at the Clearview Cinema in Red Bank.

As usual, know very little about both in advance and took a quick viewer and critic rating on moviefone.com so both looked good.

"The Sessions" got higher rating and I saw some commercial of a long haired William H. Macy, who is a fabulous actor, is playing a priest taking a confession from a very physically disabled young man. Based on a true story, so I'd have to like ... right?

Well this young mans wished to lose his virginity at age 38 and hired a sex therapist (Helen

Hunt) and this movie gets very, very graphic...I was not ready for that.

Lots of Helen Hunt in the full Monty. She looked terrific...just caught me really off guard.

Moviefone.com viewers and critics adored this film (both over 80% which is extremely high).

This journalist/poet, named Mark O'Brien is again a true story and very well cast (especially his health care aids).

Just didn't work for me


"The Last Quartet" stars such heavyweights as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener. They are part of a very prestigious quartet celebrating their 25th season together and possibly their last as one of the artist learns he has the early stages of Parkinsons.

Lots of internal drama due to egos, relationships, infidelity, affairs with anothers much younger daughter and more. I'll be honest, I slept thru a good bit of this flick and not sure if I was tired or the movie.

Sort of felt like I've seen this best and knew where it was going. Just didn't work for me but then again, I wasn't awake for at least 25% of it and had to leave early for a meeting.

You can't deny this cast...I would go see again if I could.