david_prown_120I always like "inspired by true story" movies yet they never quite meet up with expectation.

"Soul Surfer" follows the life story of child prodigy surfer Bethany Hamilton who at age 12 lost her arm in a shark attack.

Then due to her love of surfing, her values and strong religious believes she is today a professional surfer.

Stars AnnaSophia Robb (I remember as Opal in "Winn-Dixie") as Bethany with a digitally removed arm. Also co-stars Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid and Carrie Underwood.

Movie is quite emotional but just gets too poignant with too many teary eyed moments which sort of overwhelms the story.

Regardless, pretty darn impressive young lady and no an amazing inspiration to those with seemingly unsurmountable hurdles around the world.

When coming out of the theatre, I followed a young Mom with a partial leg and 3 young children. Wow - brought it all home for me.