david_prown_120The previews for "Hanna" looked most interesting in that it told a new story and hinted of action sequences that looked both curious and fresh. Plus add in the excellent actresses of Saoirse Ronan and Cate Blanchett and I thought we had the makings of a winner.

The 1st 20 minutes of the film were tremendously exciting. We got to see Hanna living in the Arctic Circle being trained by her dad in survival skills as well as academically. We got to see Hanna asking teenager questions and being quite curious about things in the outside world. We got to see her being "brought in" by the CIA (we think) and escaping with great fascination.

And then, the whole movie down-shifted to 2nd gear. Action flick became more introspective as Hanna pursued her reunion with her Dad plus to kill the Agent that killed her Mom (not really sure why).

Unique, new action sequences became more about "running" a.k.a. boring.

Hanna continued her coming of age with teenage angst and inquisitiveness and all dissolved into a forgettable movie.

bummer....it held such promise.