david_prown_120I guarantee that the new movie "Biutiful" will be a hit with the critics and generate some oscar nominations for next year.

Long movie, 2 1/2 hours, just didn't work for me. Was it because I didn't get my needed pre-movie nap? - could be.

One of the worlds best actors, Javier Bardem, can really carry a film and this normally is my type of movie.

Movie was the story of this middle age guy (at most) fighting cancer while being both a great and horrible person at the same time. Seems to be a caring father and continually fights for the underdog members of society while also exploiting them. Definitely odd. . Has a wreck of a marriage and his value system was all over the place.

I guess he had done lots of bad earlier in his life and this movie follows his road "to good" as he realizes death is a few months away.

Just didn't work for me.

Just wasn't magical to me