david_prown_120I think I saw 1 preview of "Cedar Rapids" a while ago and all I remember is great actor John C. Reilly was in it...then it was off my radar.

I shared the other day with professional, local movie reviewer Joan Ellis (joanellis.com) that I really enjoyed The Adjustment Bureau.  She shared that she just returned from "Cedar Rapids" and laughed throughout.

When Joan says "go .. you go"

Sure enough, Cedar Rapids was brilliant in being geeky, baby boomer comedy interspersed with shocking yet wonderfully effective graphic  words and scenes (hence the R rating).

Stars  Ed Helms (who I barely remember from the fun movie "Hangover") plus I thinks he's in TV show "the office" which I've never seen.  John C. Reilly is off the charts good in this one as well as Anne Heche whose name I haven't heard a decade.  Also Sigourney Weaver has a pretty funny role early on.

Simply revolves around the mundane lives of insurance salespeople who go wild in Cedar Rapids, IA every year at the local Insurance conference ("what happens in Cedar Rapids stays in Cedar Rapids").

Really, really fun movie which is a satire of sorts on Insurance salesman and it works exceptionally well!  Go and enjoy.

Make sure you stay for the laugh out loud credits.