woody zimmermann 120Samuel Francis, an outspoken political columnist of the 1990s, made very few friends in the Republican Party because he insisted on calling the GOP “the stupid party.” His style might have been imprudent and somewhat rude, but he had a point. He pinned that moniker on Republicans because of their propensity for “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” – as he liked to put it. Time after time Republicans folded with a winning hand because the Democrats said mean things or because the Mainstream Media charged them with “insensitivity” or (gasp!) “racism.” Dr. Francis denounced that maddening tendency in the strongest terms. He died in 2005, but if he were alive today he would be verbally lambasting the same establishment gang who flee at the first sound of the guns.

In earlier articles I pointed out that Democrats do none of this. When they’re in charge, their watchword is “damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead.” Deaf to all criticism, they charge into battle at full gallop (please excuse the mixed metaphors), ruthlessly trashing any pesky Congressional rules that might block their agenda.

When they lose, Dems don’t curl up in a fetal position. They mount up and go on the attack to build a winning résumé for the next election. For them, the work is never done. They extend no hand of brotherhood and comity across the aisle, and they give no quarter to political enemies. It is all war, all the time, and woe unto anyone who gets in their way or wants them to act like the “loyal opposition.” Their most important rule (of the few they have) absolutely forbids public criticism of any Democrat by another party member.

Dems ran the Congress for all but a few years from 1933 to 1995, and they held the White House for 34 of those 62 years. So it’s easy to see why they aren’t used to being the minority party. They have no experience with tugging the forelock and following the GOP’s lead. They believe leading is their role, and they don’t fancy handing it over to a bunch of “deplorable” yahoos from Flyover Country.

The Trump era – now just two months along – has furnished some important insights on what the two parties are really made of. It’s obvious that Republicans are no more prepared to lead now than they were during the decades of Democratic rule. Throughout the Obama presidency, Republicans promised their voters that they would really get things done if only they controlled the Congress and the presidency. But now, with a strong president in charge, and majorities in both houses of Congress, they look more like a herd of cats than an army on the march. Several senators probably believe they would be better presidents than Mr. Trump, and some seem more aligned with the Democrats than with their own party. They oppose nearly every move Mr. Trump makes. Democrats never do this when they have a Congressional majority and a president of their own party.

The other important insight – furnished by the relatively rare occurrence of a Republican majority and presidency – has been revelation of Democrats’ true character. Since FDR’s time, Democrats have carefully cultivated a reputation as the “caring” party. They were the party with a heart – the sword and shield of the ordinary working man (and woman), and the counter to Republican “meanness.” Via the magic of modern media they actually transmogrified themselves from hooded night-riders of the Klan into the party that truly looks after the interests of minorities, women, illegal immigrants, sexual deviants, potheads, criminals and gender-confused persons everywhere. (Is this a great country, or what?) They rode this all-caring, all-sensitive shtick all the way through the 2016 campaign – fully expecting it to make Hillary Clinton the first female president.

But the voters weren’t buying. The prospect of a third Obama term was not pleasing. Working people and families from the Normal Culture finally saw through all the carefully crafted, faux-compassion rhetoric to grasp the (really) dirty truth: Democrats no longer care about them, except as a source of votes to put them in office. Voters rejected Hillary “More of the Same” Clinton and went for Donald Trump and his bold promises in numbers large enough to let Mr. T sweep the “rust belt” and most of the South and West. The outspoken TV Reality star shocked the world by handing Mrs. Clinton a stunning electoral defeat from which she and her party have not yet recovered.

In the wake of that catastrophe, the mask that hid the Democratic Party’s true character began to slip and has finally fallen away entirely. It is now clear – beyond peradventure of doubt – that Democrats care nothing for the safety and well-being of most Americans. They cheer and celebrate as unelected judges strike down presidential orders designed to control immigration from countries that produce dangerous terrorists. They do everything possible to block Republican proposals to undo Obamacare’s disastrous effects. And they fight all attempts to close our borders to incursions by illegal aliens. They expect illegals to become new Democrat voters, and they don’t care if they’re criminals or terrorists.

As I write this, a huge uproar has erupted in uber-liberal Montgomery County, Maryland – where we raised our family from the 1960s to ‘90s – because last week two young men raped a 14-year-old girl in a lavatory of Rockville High School. The males, aged 17 and 18, are evidently in this country illegally. Both had been placed in the 9th grade because of their limited knowledge of English. Citizens who want their children to be safe at school are on the warpath over Montgomery County’s “sanctuary schools” policy, which forbids any inquiries about students’ immigration status. School officials deplore the incident, but deny any responsibility for creating the conditions where it could occur. “Bad things happen,” was the dismissive comment of one Montgomery County official.

Democrats are now the party of the “rich and shameless,” the politically well-connected, stoned academicians, race- and gender-hustlers, open-borders advocates, abortionists, and peddlers of fetal organs. Their heroes and standard-bearers are film stars, junk-journalists, deviants, radical politicians, militant racists, and activist “educators.” They spew hatred for people we once called “America’s backbone,” and attack all who hold different views. Today’s Democrats seem to hate everything the country once stood for.

I am not the first to note that patriots like John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman wouldn’t fit in today’s Democratic Party. Democrats make war on the police and oppose prudent measures meant to protect ordinary citizens from crime and terrorism. Well-protected by their armed guards and gated communities, Democrat bigwigs know that miscreants can’t touch them. Their livelihoods are academic- or government-sinecures insulated from economic vagaries. And their kids attend safe, orderly, well-taught private schools – far away from public schools where the hoi polloi endure spotty instruction from tenured teachers and disruption from uncontrollable classmates who have no interest in learning. FDR’s “caring” party is just a memory. Democrats have become the “cynical” party. It’s a perfectly wretched business, and I take no pleasure in describing it. In fact, the more I think about it, the madder I get. This shouldn’t happen to your worst enemy.

More could be said about the “unmasked” Democrats, but for Republicans the way is clear. The Trump presidency is a golden opportunity – the kind that comes along only once in a generation – for Republicans to undo the damage Mr. Obama did to the country’s security and economic well-being. They have a real chance to roll back the disastrous Affordable Care Act and make it possible for citizens to (actually) afford health insurance again. They can lower taxes, energize business, shrink government and get the economy moving. And they can stop the flood of ne’er-do-wells and outright criminals from coming across our borders. These are actions fervently desired by the voters who elected Mr. Trump and gave Republicans their Congressional majorities.

This is the time to make political hay the way Democrats do it. If Republicans fumble this chance, another one like it might be a long time coming, if ever.