woody zimmerman 118 2007Has Barack Hussein Obama finally flipped out? One could reasonably conclude that after hearing the president’s remarks following an epic electoral “shellacking” that put Republicans in control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House of Representatives. On November 5th Mr. Obama stood before an astonished press corps – not to mention a flabbergasted country – and declared that he had heard the people’s voice. Moreover, he said he had heard not only those who had voted in the election, but also the voices of the two-thirds who did not vote. (Say what?)

This entirely new political concept had pundits gasping for words. Some wondered if Mr. Obama had gone over the edge at last. At least one nationally-heard talk-show host flatly declared, “He’s completely disconnected from reality. He’s insane!”

Acolytes of the amazing Wunderkind, who seemed messianic just six years ago, were less harsh – although many were clearly uneasy about basing policies on the “voices” of people who hadn’t voted. But others applauded their Dear Leader for boldly leading the country toward goals its citizens were apparently not smart enough to comprehend on their own.

What were those voters (and non-voters) saying? Many things, evidently, but primarily they said (by Mr. Obama’s account) that they wanted the Republican Congress to work with the president to “get things done.” Compromise was what the people had actually voted for – or silently non-voted for, in the president’s version. (Who knew?) Those poor fools who thought they were voting to stop Mr. Obama from “fundamentally changing the country” were completely mistaken. They had voted for no such thing. The president claims that his policies were actually being affirmed at the same time that voters were thumping Democrats across much of the country. (As Lou Costello once famously shouted, “I don’t even know what I’m talkin’ about!”)

Pundits and prognosticators have been predicting a Democratic electoral “bloodbath” for months. Even liberal reporters had darkly alluded to a “failed” Obama presidency in recent weeks. But now that the Democrats’ Waterloo has occurred, the entire party, its president, and its media “soldiers” have thrown themselves into a valiant rearguard action to convince the GOP that the only thing they have “won” is the right to align themselves with Mr. Obama’s policies. “Go along to get along,” it turns out, is the true message. (Contrary to Democrats’ claims, this was not first mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

Democrats’ media fellow-travelers trumpet Mr. Obama’s legend about what voters (and non-voters) really want from the new Republican Congress. Their collective “spin” argues that citizens (and perhaps non-citizens) are tired of a gridlocked and dysfunctional Congress. They want Washington to work again. They want the Congress and White House to cooperate – and no more “showdowns.” Most Mainstream Media accounts say nothing about Mr. Obama’s policies or his confrontational posture toward the Congress. His agenda was not the issue in the election. He is completely absolved. (As Yokob Smirnoff often said: “What a country!”)

Encouraging though this fanciful account may be for Democrats still smarting from the thrashing they took on November 4th, the reality is that voters have completely rejected Mr. Obama’s “transformative” presidency. Indisputably, this includes: the incompetent and corrupt governance; the lawlessness and constitutional overreach; the exploding regulatory burden; the high taxation; the war on coal and oil; the depressed economy and stagnated wages; the disastrous launch of Obamacare; Obama’s obsession with legalizing millions of illegal immigrants; his absolutely maddening determination to “racialize” every possible issue; and the endless lies, lies, and more lies. Despite the furious spin, the election was the most stunning rejection of a presidency and a political agenda in history. There is no possible wiggle-room for misreading it.

Since Barack Obama’s dynamic persona burst onto the national scene, the media have flooded us with worshipful accounts of their messiah’s brilliance. “Certainly our smartest president ever” was one reporter’s assessment. “Possibly the smartest man who ever lived,” said another. “He’s up there above everything – almost like God,” said yet another (obviously unhinged) commentator. During his campaign and first year in office, Obama could do (or say) no wrong. He was untouchable, unstoppable. No one could lay a glove on him.

Alas, how far we have come since those halcyon days. Now, the scales have fallen from the eyes of almost everyone – everyone, that is, except The One to whom all this god-like brilliance was imputed. Today, only Mr. Obama seems not to comprehend that voters have actually given him the boot – but good. If we had a parliamentary system, the election would have produced a new government, and Mr. Obama would no longer be Prime Minister. (Or king, for that matter.)

Strangely, our brilliant, transformative president seems not to see this. Instead, he acts as though the election has magically empowered him to take unilateral, far-reaching actions that even his own party declined to put into law when they controlled both houses of Congress and were riding high on their electoral successes of 2008.

The potential action most often threatened by the president is “normalization” of the status of immigrants who are living and working in this country without legal papers. Some 12 to 20 million of them have sneaked across our borders since the last amnesty was granted in 1986.

Powerful political and commercial interests have pushed for legalization of these aliens, but grassroots Americans generally oppose this unless the border is first secured to prevent further illegal entries. President Bush tried to get an amnesty bill passed in 2007, but the attempt was repelled by a hailstorm of citizens’ telephone calls, e-mails and telegrams. Later, Obama’s Democratic 111th Congress – which had passed Obamacare in 2010 – could not give him the amnesty bill he had promised to La Raza and other Hispanic groups.

Now that his party has been stomped in the recent elections – leaving absolutely no hope of action on illegal immigrants from either the lame-duck Congress or the new majority-GOP Congress – Mr. Obama has made big headlines by threatening to use executive orders to give illegal aliens green cards and driver licenses so they can “come out of the shadows.” Republican leaders have “deplored and denounced” this threat, but no clear strategy has emerged to stop it.

Some lawmakers speak of denying Mr. Obama the funding to accomplish the alien-normalization, but others want to stay well clear of any action which might lead to a shutdown of the federal government. Historically, the left-leaning media have blamed the GOP whenever a government shutdown has resulted from a funding tug-of-war between a Republican Congress and a Democratic president. Republicans will also stay far away from impeachment of the president. Indeed, the very mention of the term is taboo. No matter what Mr. Obama might do, Republicans have essentially given notice that the I-word is off the table as a remedy.

Has Mr. Obama become completely “wigged out” in his command bunker at the White House? Has he finally gone over the edge? I don’t think so. I see a very shrewd politician who totally comprehends Republicans’ fear of government shutdowns and impeachment. Members of the president’s inner circle believe they can smear the Republicans and distract them from carrying out their mandate to stop Mr. Obama’s policies. They will do this by goading his congressional opponents into declaring war on him – via either a government shutdown or impeachment proceedings. On the plus-side of their ledger, they expect a shutdown or impeachment to resurrect Democrats’ reputation with the public. And they think his executive actions on immigration will secure millions of new Democrat voters for the future. Undoing his executive actions will be a very difficult political task – nearly impossible, in the current racially intense climate.

Like a reckless general, Mr. Obama has gone on the offensive in a situation where the conventional wisdom would dictate cautious defense. If he’s lucky, if his Republican opponents are too afraid to act, and if voters are really as “stupid” as Jonathan Gruber says they are, his gamble might pay off. But that’s a lot of “ifs.” Abraham Lincoln liked to say, “…you can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.” That’s worth remembering at this political juncture.

Democrats and Mr. Obama have had quite a run, snookering voters with promises of unending goodies from a bottomless Cornucopia. They’ve scared people who should know better with warnings about a bogus “war on women” and boogey-man tales of long-ago racism. But that run is over. No matter how Mr. Obama might try to spin the election – and no matter what kind of weed he is smoking – the voters are finally onto his act. They’re just not buying it any more.

Republicans can find some smart lawyers who will know how to beat Mr. Obama’s immigration ploy. This will eliminate the impeachment and shutdown monsters, and will let Republicans get on with the serious work of sending Mr. Obama bill after bill to dismantle his crackbrained policies and get the nation rolling again. He can try to veto them, of course, but each veto will resound like the Crack of Doom for a presidency that will soon be receding in the nation’s rear-view mirror like a rather unpleasant car-wreck that we’ll all be glad to forget.

After the long, dark night, morning will come…