woody_zimmerman_118_2007Recently I have done some research on the JFK assassination because the Warren Commission’s obvious cover-up of many aspects of that case – including its insistence on the Lone Assassin Theory, despite many indications to the contrary – seemed to be a model for the elaborate (if somewhat clumsy) cover-up of the Benghazi Massacre of September 2012 that has been carried out by the State Department and the Obama administration.

I might draw upon the JFK research for a future article, but events of recent days have furnished a new and unexpected parallel to an important aspect of the JFK assassination: i.e.,  the elimination of accused (but never proved) assassin Lee Harvey Oswald by mafia-connected nightclub owner Jack Ruby. If JFK’s gruesome killing at high noon on a Dallas street was a totally unexpected shock to the country, the shooting of Oswald two days later, in the parking garage of the Dallas Police Department – in full view of a cadre of escorting officers – was shock raised to the nth power. People my age – raised on tales of Eliot Ness and his Untouchables – thought we had passed through a time-warp to 1930s Chicago. Had Ruby driven in with a Tommy-gun blazing from a Packard touring car, the time-warp would have been complete.

There was no question that Jack Ruby had executed Oswald. The question was “why?” and on whose orders? These questions have never been answered. Ruby went to his grave with the secret. Other questions swarmed like carrion crows round the whole sordid business:

  • Was Oswald really the “lone assassin” who got off three closely spaced, highly accurate shots, high above and to the rear of the receding motorcade?
  • Was the rusted Italian WWII rifle with misaligned sights, found in the corner of the sixth floor of the School Book Depository, really the assassin’s weapon?
  • Did any ballistics tests show that the Italian Model 91/38 rifle actually fired the bullet supposedly recovered from the presidential car?
  • Were the fatal shots fired from behind or in front of the presidential car? (Some 50 witnesses swore that the shots came from in front of the car.)
  • Was the testimony of eyewitnesses situated near to the car when the president was hit discounted or ignored?
  • What happened to the film shot by an eyewitness (not Abraham Zapruder) that was immediately seized by the FBI and never returned?
  • Were mafia operatives involved in the assassination?
  • Was Oswald a Communist?
  • Did Oswald kill DPD Officer J. D. Tippet during a routine traffic stop, 45 minutes after the president’s shooting? If so, why did the shooting occur? If not, who did it? Was it a diversion to finger Oswald?
  • Etc., etc….

The foregoing is not meant to be a rehash of the JFK assassination case. I cite these questions only to show how much remains unanswered after the cover-up was carried out by the FBI and other high government officials to keep the public from knowing that the assassination: (1) was probably engineered by a conspiracy involving government officials and mafia figures; and (2) was almost certainly carried out by a team of assassins, not simply by a “lone nut case,” as Lee Harvey Oswald was described.

A close examination of the time-line leading up to Oswald’s arrest for Officer Tippet’s murder – followed closely by his arrest for JFK’s shooting – reveals serious doubt that Oswald was involved in either shooting. Indeed, many experts now doubt that he was materially involved at all, except as a patsy set up to take the fall. Those same experts believe Oswald was killed to keep him from revealing his non-involvement – as he most certainly would have done, had he lived. His case adds to the “conspiracy quotient” of the greatest crime of the century.

The events of recent days, to which I alluded earlier, included the arrest, interrogation, and fatal shooting of Ibragim Todashev – a known associate of Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev – in Orlando, Florida, on May 22. Todashev and Tsarnaev were evidently suspects in a 2011 triple slaying. Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police on April 19, days after his alleged participation in the Boston Marathon bombings of April 15. There was suspicion that Todashev might also have been a co-conspirator or actual participant in the Boston bombings.

Conflicting reports – all anonymous – have emerged regarding the events that occurred in Orlando on May 22. An early report indicated that Todashev, 27, was armed with a knife when he suddenly (but inexplicably) posed an “imminent danger” to the FBI agents. One agent (or both) shot him several times – including a head-shot that was certainly fatal. Later, it was reported that Todashev was unarmed, but had overturned a table. One account said he had lunged for a samurai sword that was in the interview room.

Some reports said one agent interviewed Todashev; others said two agents were present. To date, the agents involved in the shooting have not been identified, and details of the incident have not been clarified to the public. An official FBI report has not been released (so far as I can determine), but officials have said an internal investigation of the shooting is underway.

It’s not often that the Washington Post and I agree on anything about terrorism, crime or law enforcement, but we’re lined up together on this. Downwind from it, the whole thing stinks to high heaven. The Post didn’t quite say it that way in its May 31st issue (Editorial: “Answers Needed”), but they obviously caught a whiff of the same odor I smelled. Here are a few questions to start:

  • Was Todashev checked for weapons before he was interviewed? (If not, why not?)
  • If he was considered a dangerous suspect, why was he not detained and questioned in a controlled environment, under correct procedures?
  • Were one or two agents present when he was questioned? (If only one, whose bright idea was that?)
  • Why was an agent armed while interviewing Todashev? (Isn’t that contrary to police procedure?)
  • What was this business about a “samurai sword” in the room? (Are you kidding me?)
  • Some reports say the suspect was shot six or seven times, including once in the head. (How many shots were needed to “subdue” him?)
  • Was Todashev "shot trying to escape?"

Some related questions:

  • What were the FBI agents covering up by invoking the dead-men-tell-no-tales tactic?
    Was this an attempt to keep the Boston bombing localized to a couple of crazed brothers?
    Was evidence of a Chechnya-linked terrorist “cell” threatening to come out?

Todashev’s father – still living in Chechnya – has released a statement claiming that the FBI “executed” his son. He’s not alone in his thinking. This smells suspiciously like Oswald’s execution by Jack Ruby. I have a feeling that these are very deep waters. We do need a full report – and no delaying. Scandal #4 might erupt here.