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anne_mikolay_120Viewers of America's Got Talent will recognize Airpocalypse as the popular air guitar players competing in this season's show. If you are an admirer of this dubious “band's” talent, then read no further...cuz I'm not.

For those of you who have been spared this spectacle, Airpocalypse is an air guitar band comprised of three over-grown, adolescent-minded would-be rockers who have, by some trick of Fate, won themselves a place in the top forty eight contestants of America's Got Talent. While watching the pretenders cavort on stage last night, I couldn't help but wonder how they got there. The show, after-all, isn't titled America's Got Pseudo-Talent.

But maybe it should be.

Airpocalypse is not the only contestant who has skated into Hollywood on Luck alone. There's also Sallie Whats-Her-Name, the elderly, rough-around-the-edges hand whistler. Yes, hand whistler. And the woman who paints under water. And the endless dance troupes who do the same old thing. What exactly is the criteria upon which these semi-finalists have been chosen?

The winner of America's Got Talent will headline their own show in Las Vegas. Tell me, would you pay your hard earned cash to watch a bunch of bozos pretending to play guitar for two hours? Or to listen to someone whistle through their hands for an hour or more? Could you stand to watch precocious kids mimic adults in their recital-like dance routines for more than ninety seconds? I think not.

In judging all the contestants that flock to auditions...the talented...and the not-so-talented...shouldn't the judges be looking for true star quality that could translate into a headlining Las Vegas show? To quote the king of television talent shows, Simon Cowell, shouldn't the judges be looking for the “it” factor? Wacky talents like air guitar players, hand whistlers, or men who drill objects into their tongues may be quirky and fun for some folks to watch during a 90 second audition, but none possess the illusive “it” that can provide a foundation to a Las Vegas show, let alone a career.

But then again, perhaps the judges define the “it” factor differently. “It” may be synonymous with ratings. The contestants more suited to Ripley's Believe It Or Not than Las Vegas are the ones that bring in the viewers.

Dismissing potential in favor of the wackos that boost ratings smacks of unfairness and viewer deception. Come on, Howie, Sharon, and Pierce, send Airpocalypse back to their garage where they belong!