anne mikolay 2012 120Allow me to begin the New complaining.

First of all, let's talk about SUVs. While recently driving in the Middletown train station lot, my Honda could not fit between the yellow cone in the main lane and the hood of a giant SUV sticking out of its parking space. Changing lanes to avoid a parked, over-sized SUV should not be necessary. Drivers, if your SUV is too big to fit into a parking space without encroaching upon surrounding spaces or roadways, don't park there! And I do not appreciate carefully choosing my parking space, doing errands, and then returning to find my car surrounded by SUVs that totally block my view as I back out of my space. We don't live in the mountains of Colorado! Why on earth do people need such humongous vehicles? If you have to drive something so large, please don't be a bully on the road – or in the parking lot. A little drivers' courtesy could go a long way.

I'm sick of award shows. It's only January, and I've seen enough. I channel surfed right by the 2014 People's Choice awards. What's the point? I'm old enough to know the winners are not necessarily the people's choice anyway. Honestly, I don't care who wins, and I don't care who walked the red carpet in designer gowns or who was the best or worst dressed. While we're on the subject of celebrities, I don't care that Britney Spears' costume split apart during her a recent Las Vegas performance or that Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, nor do I care about any other frivolous celebrity nonsense that some nincompoop at the Huffington Post thinks warrants internet headlines.

I'm tired of reality television, little more than a cesspool of immorality and foul language. Where's the originality in today's programming? One reality show is the same as the next; if you've seen one Real Housewife, you've seen them all. What exactly is Duck Dynasty anyway? And why should we care about the opinions of a rough around the edges “star” of a show about a family in the duck calling fabrication business? Who knew such an enterprise existed? Enough is enough.

I'm tired of the dangerous maze that is the Middletown Shoprite's parking lot. I'm tired of the lack of visitor parking at the Tomaso Plaza senior citizens complex. I'm tired of people tossing their Christmas tree to the curb and letting it roll down the street when the wind blows. I'm tired of homeowners piling leaves and shrubs in the street weeks after the township pick-up. I'm tired of people glued to their cell phones in the supermarket, the bank, the doctor's office, and their cars.

And now for the biggie on everyone's mind: “Bridgegate,” the latest political hot topic. I am already weary of listening to gloating Democrats, spiteful Republicans, and Chris Christie critics gleefully predicting the end of the governor's political career before the investigation is complete and all facts are known. It's rather unseemly for politicians to seize “Bridgegate” as an opportunity to air personal grievances against the Christie administration. Let's not forget how well Governor Christie held our state together during Hurricane Sandy. He was there for the people of New Jersey in our time of need; we should be there for him in this, his time of need, and give him the benefit of the doubt. Time will tell if the paper trail leads to the governor; if so, he will justifiably succumb to the avalanche of error and arrogance that is “Bridgegate”, but until that time, it's not fair to throw him under the bus so quickly.

That's enough blowing off steam for one day.