tom brennan 120All 5 of those monster sugary marshmallow cereals that your parents would never buy you are back for Halloween:

Take a guess what country "The Megaburgerpizza" was created. You're right! Japan:

McDonald's will soon be offering bone-in wings. This,I'm sure,is to prove that they sell actual meat at their stores;

"Chipotle, Panera, fast-casual chains continue restaurant reign"...and make great burritos:

Chemists have devised the formula for the perfect grilled cheese.Still no cure for cancer:

Another reason Steve Ballmer is leaving Microsoft may be becuase the Surface RT lost the company $900M:

If Yahoo! redesigns its websites...will anybody notice?

Great news! Facebook advertisers can't use your face in their ads without your permission. Wow, what a great day:

Nintendo will start to offer a new portable gaming console called...ready for this...the 2DS:

Happy....birthday...Mr...Lavalamp.  Happy (50th) Birthday to you:

For all my Prog Rock friends, here's Dream Theatre cover the entire "Dark Side of The Moon" album:

Hello ladies. Here's a chance to get a free custom-made handbag. Anyone can enter...but me. I happen to be married the creator of the contest

And yes, the guy who hands you his card that reads "Scott,Gang Bang Organizer",looks exactly like you think he would:

"Inside the World's Most Dangerous Park"...and you guessed it my fellow New Jerseyans...Action Park:

If you're texting your friend while driving & you get into an accident (in NJ) your friend can be held liable too:

The strangest optical illusion featuring Hollywood celebrities you'll see all day:

If you would be scared of 1,000,000 cockroaches escaping from a farm you really shouldn't read this: #CockroachNado

If you watched the VMAs last week you will get this 2008 prediction of "The Onion":

For some strange reason Portland, Oregon sells out of sun block as 1,600 redheads get together for a world record:

The IronPigs (Minor League) announce a winner of a free funeral promotion...he has ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease): #irony

"Research shows couples can tune out spouse's voice".  Now that's what I call a super power:

"What Exactly Is Deja Vu?"  Don't worry you haven't seen this before: