tom brennan 120How does an item get on the McDonald's menu?

I mean who wouldn't call 911 because McDonald's got your order wrong?

Taco Bell is testing waffle tacos for breakfast.  I repeat; Taco Bell is testing waffle tacos for breakfast:

Better go buy those fat sandwiches now...after Aug 15, the Rutgers grease trucks will be no more:

If you're reading this while at work eating lunch, I've got some news for you:

And the next food craze will be....Ramen burgers?

8 out of 10 of you eat fast food once a month.  BONUS: Top ten fast-food places in annual sales:

If you're in a bar, don't let them take your picture then skip out on the $100 tab.  They'll shame you on Facebook:

"Hipster beards blamed for poor razor sales"

An abandoned Walmart in Texas is now the nation's biggest single-floor library:

Can someone please help the Mets win a game.  Oh yeah and someone please help this Mets fan open a bottle of water?

And now you too can get a 3D statue of yourself:

British couple told to tear down their 'Hobbit' style house.  Now forced to live in their parents basement:

Want to really see what happens when you get a mosquito bite?

Security loophole makes "smart toilets" vulnerable to attacks.  In other news, there are "smart toilets":

Want to mellow out?  Why not listen to real-time edits to WikiPedia:

There are dating sites for Jewish people, Christians, why not people who can't eat bread?

What happens when The Avengers assemble...on Facebook:

Looks like Android phones are now good enough to be stolen now:

"Why Google's Chromecast is a hit with consumers"  How about it streams video to your TV for $35: