tom_brennan_120What the expiration date on 23 foods actually mean:
Why you should never drink beer from a clear glass.  Here comes the science:
Some all-beef burgers found not to be so in the UK & Ireland, and I'm not horsing around:
Yes, this actually happened; Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel:

2 NJ men are suing Subway because their foot-long didn't measure up:

Atari's US operation says "Game Over" as it tries to get another quarter:
What’s worse than a pet rock? A pet rock you plug into your computer:
The FCC wants gigabit broadband in all 50 states by 2015. And I want a Maserati by then too:
Mozilla reveals their first Firefox phone.  It updates itself every 17 minutes later:

A security guard in Trinidad shot off his own penis.   Police are now charging him w/a crime.  What a d**k move:

Congratulations on building that Billy Bookcase from Ikea.  This guy built his own dialysis machine:
The (out of work) actor who was the "Dell Dude" has a solution to help the ailing company.  Hire him back:


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