Letter to the Editor:

With his signature on August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt began what has become the bedrock of economic security for countless working Americans and their families. In addition to supporting those age 62 and older or disabled, Social Security helps all generations. Orphans of the September 11 terrorist attacks, families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, children who lose a working parent, injured factory workers, widows and widowers – all rely on Social Security. For many retirees, Social Security is the firewall between an old age of dignity and one of financial desperation.

With this in mind, wouldn’t you like to know where the candidates stand on Social Security solvency as we head towards Election Day? As part of AARP’s commitment to voter education, you can easily do this by going to www.aarp.org/yourvote Each candidate was invited to respond to a written questionnaire on five issues including Social Security solvency. Their responses, as well as AARP’s position, are posted for all to see. If any candidate chose not to respond, that’s noted as well.

Congress must take action to strengthen Social Security not only for current beneficiaries, but for our children and grand children. Please vote on November 2nd.

Sy Larson

AARP New Jersey State President

East Brunswick, NJ